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Surgical Drape

  • Underbuttock drape
  • Underbuttock drape
Underbuttock drapeUnderbuttock drape

Underbuttock drape

  • Product description: Underbuttock drape

Products: Underbuttock drape

Measure: Regular size 70x3250px, can be customized

Material: Could be made with SMS, Bi-SPP Lamination fabric, Tri-SPP Lamination fabric, Bi-Viscose Lamination fabric, Tri- Viscose Lamination fabric, PE film, SS

Feature: Disposable and EO sterilizable

Usage: It is used in the operation room for gynecology and obstetrics of surgery, the product is no irritation, no toxicity and inodorous to human, there is no energy and no side effect to body. Can be used to improve the ease, efficiency and safety of surgical procedure, meanwhile Reduced the risks of accidental cross infection

Packaging: Individual packed in paper&plastic sterile bag, or customized packing