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Our company (HeNan YADU Industrial Co.,Ltd.) is hereby declared as follows:

On May 12th, we received an inquiry from our Notify Body TÜV SÜD that our ISO13485 certificate and CE certificate have been falsified .

Once we get this inquire, we know it must be made by fraud Because we got many inquire emails by customers. This is not from YADU. YADU do not produce Nitrile Examination Glove or Latex Examination Glove. And YADU do not have CE certificate of these two products. COVID-19 pandemic causes severe global shortage of protective medical consumables, which give imposter opportunity for their deceits.

In August 2020 we have already reported fraud to police and post a special waring on our official company website as following :

As one of the biggest and leading medical consumable manufacturers, Yadu Medical is a respectable brand, and therefore, sadly, also targeted by frauds and imposters. YADU wouldn't too stupid to falsify ISO & CE Certificate, to exchange for small profits.

To avoid unnecessary lost, please confirm information with our official email domains “” or “” or official telephone 0373-2157057.

In order to prevent this incident happened again, our company has already showed our certificate on our website.

Signature of the business department: Yu Xiao

HeNan YADU Industrial Co.,Ltd

May 12, 2021



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Tel: +86-0373-2157057


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