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Waring of Fraud and Impostor

Waring of Fraud and Impostor

We receive reports from our clients of frequent fraud activities personate YADU’s name. Current COVID-19 pandemic causes severe global shortage of protective medical consumables, which give imposter opportunity for their deceits. To avoid unnecessary lost, please tighten your procurement and finance procedures.

As a dedicate medical consumable manufacturer with three decades’ history, YADU is targeted by some imposters because of its good reputation. Frauds reported are, contacting clients bearing YADU’s name but hard push poor quality products not made by YADU; or forging fake sales contract using fake YADU signature, documents, letter of authority and seal, for defrauding deposit.

Please be aware, YADU only communicate to clients via our official email domains “” or “”; and process finance transactions via YADU company bank accounts with beneficiary of “YADU”. Please pay special attention if you are contracted by email domain other than about, and/or be requested to process payment to bank account with beneficiary name different from YADU.

For any concerns or further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via,

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